Navigating Work Relationships In The Behavioral Health Industry

Work relationships, like personal relationships, can be complicated — but they are also necessary to survive and thrive in the workforce. Maintaining a positive relationship with your co-workers is vital to your career, your productivity, and your well-being. As a professional working with children in the behavioral health industry, follow these tips for developing successful and healthy work relationships.

Stay Positive And Appreciative

Positivity and appreciation go hand in hand. Even during the most trying of times, maintaining a positive attitude keeps your work relationships strong, and helps to make you a valued member of the team. Positivity is the key to creating a great work environment, and that good attitude will shine through in everything you do.

In addition to staying positive, appreciate everything that anyone does for you, no matter his or her position. Work relationships come in all forms and sizes. Showing gratitude enhances your professional networking skills, establishes a sense of camaraderie, and encourages teamwork. Remember, you get more with sugar than with salt.

Trust In Teamwork

Working together as a team to achieve goals and overcome obstacles helps to establish mutual respect and trust. Not only will you grow closer, but you’ll also strengthen professional skills that are necessary in the behavioral health industry. From families to school administrators, you are sure to encounter many different types of people, with many different personalities and methods of communicating. The same holds true for co-workers. It is important to trust in teamwork, ask for help when needed, and to be reliable when the tables are turned. Listening and learning from these collaborative experiences can also help you to identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses.

Be Confident In Conflict Resolution

Chances are, there will be some one at work that you won’t get along with. When this happens, it’s important to put your differences aside for the greater good. Bickering, griping, and not communicating will get you nowhere, and will likely increase tension in the workplace for everyone. To maintain a healthy work environment, put your dislikes aside and try to find something in common to focus and build upon. Not every relationship is perfect, but at the end of the day, you should be professional, appropriate, and courteous.

Put In The Time

A little bit each day goes a long way. After all, it’s the little things that count. Set time aside to grow your work relationships, and get to know your co-workers during down time. This can include grabbing coffee on a break, eating lunch together, working out together, or sharing a meal after work. Whether it’s one-on-one or a group affair, spending social time together in person will strengthen your bond. Interacting without work can make things more personal, and can help you find common ground (besides choosing a career in the youth behavioral health industry). Who knows? You may even grow a healthy work relationship into a true friendship.

Work relationships are big factor in contributing to a happy and productive work environment. It’s crucial to grow personally and professionally by properly navigating and building these relationships. Put yourself out there to make an honest effort, and you’ll see the difference!

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