Back To School: 5 Benefits Of Being A School Based Therapist

As families prepare to send students back to school, school-based therapists are preparing to meet their needs. As a school-based therapist, you can be an integral member of the community, enabling students to succeed. In this unique field, you can impact students who are in their most vulnerable moments — and make a lasting difference in their lives.

Need more incentive? Here are five benefits of being a school-based therapist.

#1: Multiple Locations

School can be filled with challenging circumstances for students. If you’re a school-based therapist through an independent service provider, such as Pathways, you can play a major role in meeting the needs of students at multiple schools. You’ll be able to help more students who might be exceptionally vulnerable or struggling with unfamiliar emotions, and help to make a difference in their educational experience.

On a personal level, this schedule enables flexible traveling, where you can work with schools in different communities, counties, and regions. So, you’ll always be able to explore new places and perspectives while helping others.

#2: Dynamic Work

Students will bring many issues to you as a school-based therapist. Whether it’s family, friends, academics, or personal struggles — you’ll have a hand in making someone’s time at school better. The dynamics of working at multiple schools offers a unique workload, as you build relationships with a diverse set of patients. You’ll always be learning alongside your students, as you help them become successful adults.

#3: Room For Growth

Job security is on everyone’s mind, and therapists are no different. This in-demand career can mix your passion for student wellbeing with the job security you crave. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates occupational therapy positions will grow by 24 percent by the year 2026 — meaning an increase of 31,000 jobs in the next eight years. And as school enrollments are projected to increase through this same time period by the National Center for Education Statistics, the intersection of these two statistics for school-based therapists shows anticipated continual field growth.

#4: Work-Life Balance

For many, work-life balance is a struggle to find. However, one of the benefits of working in schools is the unique and flexible schedule. As you build bonds with your students, you’ll find a fulfilling career where you can impact lives for the better while also keeping a regular schedule.

#5: Training and Professional Development Opportunities

School-based therapists have opportunities to expand their professional development through training courses and workshops about improving educational environments for students in need. This enables school-based therapists to be at the forefront of research and development for practice and techniques in working with children.

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