3 Ways To Stay Healthy While Having A Career In The Health Industry

While a career in the health industry is rewarding, it can also be easy to put yourself second. Working as a mental healthcare professional can take its toll on the body and mind. However, there are some easy ways to stay healthy — and take care of yourself while you are caring for others.

#1: Eat Right
When stressed, it is tempting to reach for something easy and unhealthy, such as a bag of chips or a greasy meal. Instead, feed your body what it needs. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables you eat, drink more water, and avoid fast food chains.

Don’t make a resolution that is unachievable or unsustainable. It’s better to strive for small changes in your diet and to take things one step at a time. Start with drinking at least one extra glass of water per day, until you slowly increase your intake to your daily goal. If you don’t normally eat breakfast, try having a piece of fruit and a protein-rich Greek yogurt in the morning. If eating lunch out is your preference, try to select healthy options, or better yet, prepare lunch and snacks at home the night before. Eating right and drinking enough water can help you keep your energy levels up and fight off illnesses.

#2: Exercise
It might seem obvious, but exercise is a key component to staying healthy. Not only will it keep you in good physical shape, but exercise also helps improve your mood and reduces stress levels.

Sometimes getting to the gym can be hard, but making exercise a priority can help keep your stress down and help you stay healthy. If time is in short supply, find a gym or fitness center near your work for a quick trip during your lunch or on the way home. If the gym isn’t your “thing,” then try scheduling a walking break during the day to reap the benefits of exercise, and get some fresh air, too.

#3: Speak To Someone
Just like patients need someone to speak to confidentially, you might too. There’s no shame in seeking assistance with a mental health provider when you have a career in healthcare. Sometimes, being the confidante of so many can be stressful, and an objective ear can help you carry that load. Focusing your own mental well-being can also help you to better serve your patients, because you’ll be thinking clearly and keeping your emotions out of the sessions.

When seeing a mental health professional, find someone who is not in your professional network. An unbiased opinion is essential, and removing the personal relationship will be beneficial to your sessions.

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