3 Things To Love About Being A Mobile Therapist

If you’re looking to help individuals with behavioral and intellectual disabilities by working with them at home, alongside their families in an environment where everyone feel most comfortable, then you should pursue a mobile therapist position. At Pathways, we employ mobile therapists to address the mental health needs of our patients, manage behavioral excesses, and provide individual or family counseling as needed. Through a coordinated effort with team members, our mobile therapists promote personal independence, and assist families with the difficulties of intellectual disabilities and behavioral struggles. Here are three things to love about being a mobile therapist, and why you should join the Pathways team today.

#1: Job Satisfaction
Whether it’s working with an individual striving to be more independent or a family struggling with the changes in their loved one’s behavior, you can be a key member in helping people overcome their biggest challenges. Seeing the changes within the family dynamic, and knowing that you’ve made a positive difference in several lives, you can feel satisfied in your work.

#2: Flexibility
As a mobile therapist, you can find the flexibility in your schedule to work with patients and support families in ways that other therapists cannot. By providing therapy outside of an office setting, your sessions can be more flexible too. Your patients can enjoy the comforts of home, while getting the assistance they need. You can be flexible in your methods, which might include home activities like coloring or crafting; you can work with patients and families in kitchens or in living rooms; you can encourage activity with a game of catch or talking a walk around the block; and so much more that being in an office would inhibit. Best of all, you can shape your sessions around the unique personalities of your patients and families.

#3: Location
Do you love exploring new places? As a mobile therapist, you have the benefit of down time while traveling to various locations. You also have the opportunity to see the towns and cities where your patients live, and better understand the home environments that they experience day to day. You can learn more about them, their family, and their issues than you could ever learn in an office —everything from their nonverbal communication style to their organizational standards. And while exploring new locations can be a great benefit, the ability to see how your patient interacts within their own home and community can be invaluable to their treatment.

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