3 Benefits Of Volunteering With Special Needs Adults And Children

Do you wish to make a positive impact in your community and in the lives of others? Or perhaps you’re seeking something to bring greater meaning to your own life? By volunteering with adults and children who have special needs, you can get as much out of it as you put in.

Adults and children with special needs want to live meaningful lives, as members of the community — just like you. You can make a difference in the New Year by volunteering in a variety of roles. Whether it’s mentoring, helping someone live independently, or simply being a friend, you will always know the impact of your work.

Here are three benefits of volunteering with adults and children who have special needs:

#1: Empowerment

We all see the videos of children with special needs being supported by their school community and exceeding expectations. What if you could be part of that support network that makes all the difference? Whether it’s helping someone run errands or tutoring a child with special needs, you’re promoting their personal empowerment. Not only are you helping them build the tools to be more independent, but you’re also improving their self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, we’d all like to think that those success stories were the norm, but not all adults and children with special needs have the support of their families and communities. Which is unfortunate, since individuals with special needs have more opportunities than ever before. As a volunteer, you can help encourage someone to be more independent and confident, even when no one else provides that support.

#2: Happiness

‘Tis the season to bring joy to others. We’ve always heard it is better to give than to receive, and by volunteering with an organization that supports adults and children with special needs; you can give the greatest gift of all — happiness.

Bringing joy to others not only encourages their happiness, but it improves your own outlook. According to U.S. News and World Report, personal happiness increases when you find meaningful volunteer work, and can actually impact longevity. For older adults, volunteering can help them stay physically and socially active, which helps improve overall health. It also helps build a sense of community, which benefits everyone involved by building trust and understanding.

#3: Passion

We are all passionate about something — art, music, computers, science, etc. We have hobbies, careers, interests, and more that help make us individuals. You can share those passions with others and encourage them to find their own by mentoring an adult or child with special needs. Imagine expanding someone’s horizons and showing them a new skill — something that can also improve their personal and social development. This new skill could even flourish into something that drives their confidence, independence, or even a career.

Beyond their growth, you may also increase your own happiness and expertise. You can explore new angles of a subject, practice a skill you love, and build your own confidence — which will have a lasting impact for all.

If you love helping others, why not consider a career helping adults and children with special needs in addition to your volunteer work? Visit Pathways of PA for more information.

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